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Clay County Animal Shelter

Clay County Animal Rescue & Shelter (CCARS) is a non-profit 501c3 that contracted out animal control for Clay County.   The animal control contract is a well known "money loser" in Clay County and doesn't even cover the full expense of running animal control.  CCARS took on the contract because animal control is the front lines for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals in our community.  We want to be in the position to help those animals and our county.  We have to constantly fundraise to bridge the gap in what it costs to care for the hundreds of animals that come through our doors each year. 


CCARS is not affiliated with Fur A Good Paws, that operates out of the building on North Stanford in Flora.  CCARS operates out of the old county shelter, which is a 750 square foot metal shed built in 1973, located on the south edge of Louisville on Hwy. 45 in Louisville, IL behind the Highway department. 

We have plans to build a new shelter and will be starting a capital campaign to raise funds.

CCARS runs a no kill shelter.  In 2016, we had a 97% save rate*, which is incredible, and well past the 90% save rate that qualifies open admission shelters like ours (that have to take everything, don't get to pick and choose only adoptable animals) for "no kill" status. 

CCARS cares for almost 700 animals that come through our door each year.

In 2016 we adopted out 470 animals, all spayed/neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

The shelter phone number is 618-665-3005.

We have regular business hours for animal control and cleaning the shelter/feeding animals, etc.  Our shelter is open to the public from 1-3 Monday through Saturday with extended hours of 1-4 on Sunday afternoons.


You can e-mail the shelter at    


*The  97% save rate is according to Asilomar Standards and removes Owner Requested Euthanasias (Generally dogs that have bitten or attacked people, other pets or livestock that the owner decides to euthanize rather than quarantine) and animals that passed away even with our care and best efforts.  In 2016 we had 5 owner requested euthanasias and 5 animals that died in our care.




P.O. Box 623 •  Flora, IL 62839  •  (618) 665-3005 •  admin [ at ]